On Sunday 20th March, we were invited to complete another recovery workshop but this time it was at F45 Carrara. This group definitely brought a great energy and were very engaged. After completing the RAW challenge on Saturday, it's safe to say there were some very sore bodies in the room. What a perfect time to complete a recovery workshop.

Our Physiotherapist founder, Jayde, from Live Bright Physiotherapy runs these workshops using the Brayva products that she designed. We have had some really great feedback from these sessions where Jayde explains how to appropriately recover and look after your body around your training.

Our workshops take its participants through the basics of recovery, evidence based recommendations and how to incorporate recovery into your everyday routine. The workshop includes a full body recovery session, teaching everyone how to foam roll and trigger point each part of the body. Jayde individualises the session based on what those in the room are struggling with and  answers all the recovery questions.

Check out our previous blog to see what the best recovery methods are.

March 22, 2022 — Jayde Williams